Stan Meyer

As one of the first artists to explore the flat weave in a contemporary art form, I have been creating art since the early 1970s. These woven pieces usually have been flat and wall-mounted. The dual influences for this art are the painters of the abstract expressionist movement and the artists involved in the contemporary craft movement. The fusion of these two influences created a style that is uniquely my own.

The geometry within each work is a combination of forms from architecture, both contemporary secular and religious; from design elements from various cultures, especially Celtic, Maori and aboriginal and forms from nature. I use these various components to create a visual language in my work—a language that is intellectually and spiritually stimulating.

The current art has evolved from wall-mounted pieces to free-standing sculptures. I see the influence of craft in the change—primarily ceramics—in that these works resemble vessels. Art, for me, is belief made visible. The fact that something is hand-made gives an aura of the human who made it and that resonates with a viewer. I want my work to provide a meaning to life. I believe the poetic is a legitimate artistic concern in the contemporary world. I demonstrate the possibility of belief and transcendence.